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Universal Devices Admin Console Issue

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Hello....Have been using smart system for couple years now...have some lighting programs set up...Noticed yesterday : lights not coming up as programmed...Checked thru Admin Console : i can not even operate one switches from there... My UD : ISY-994i.....My Please advice...

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Check the led on the side of the plm. If it is off and plugged in, it may be time to replace if it is just out of warranty.



It may function for a half hour if unplugged for an hour in this state, but the led will eventually go out again and things will stop working again.

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Unplug the PLM and the power to the ISY994i and wait maybe a minute.

Plug the PLM in and let it completely initialize.

Then the power supply for the ISY994i.


If it again is working. It could be failing as mentioned or power line noise caused the PLMs electronics to get into a lost state. You may want to think about replacing it or watch it real close for any other odd happenings.


If the LED on the PLM is still Off then it definitely has failed.


My 2413S failed about a week ago. No commands being sent out.

LED Off.

Cycle Power Still Off. Now ISY994i is in Safe Mode as no PLM was detected on startup.

Factory Reset PLM. Still Off.

Next morning after sitting there. Started working again

Replaced PLM with an older 2413S from storage and did the restore PLM. Now back in business. As I no longer trust the flaky one.

The failed one was 2 years and 4 months old. So out of warranty.


The 2413S is showing Back Ordered on the Smarthome site and the date keeps slipping. Was 03/24/14 now it has again slipped to 03/27/14. :roll:

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