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Keypadlinc and Fanlinc


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I have been trying to correctly setup a 6 button keypadlinc (2487S) and a fanlinc. I thought I had it, but something is not quite right.


My first attempt was to set up a scene that had the fanlinc as a responder and the 4 scene buttons as controllers. This worked great if I pressed the button on the keypad. This did not work so well if I tried to adjust the scene on the ISY or with REST.


So after looking through many forum topics and some of the wiki, I thought maybe that it is wrong and I should set up a separate scene for each setting (off, low, med and high) where only one scene button from the keypadlinc is a controller at a time. All the other buttons are responders. This works great for controlling things from the ISY and REST, but pressing buttons on the keypadlinc causing all sorts of weird things to happen. The turns on high and the all or none of the keypadlinc lights come on.


So how do I get it to work probably under both circumstances? I'm obviously missing something.


Thanks for the help,


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Thanks for the response.


That is what I thought I did. However, when buttons are pressed on the keypadlinc it doen't work. It only works when I use the scenes directly from within the ISY admin panel. Or send REST commands to the ISY to turn each scene on.


These are my scenes:



The HT Fan in each scene is set to the appropriate level: Off, Low, Med, High.

Each controller is set to 100%

Each responder is set to 0%


So I'm not sure what step I am missing to make this work when the buttons are pressed on the actual keypadlinc.



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