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Status works but not control


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I was having issues where programs would mostly run but sometimes would not?

I performed a backup, hard reset (holding the button in until the lights were on. Restored

Now I have a program that I want to press the back porch light control on and have it trigger 2 other lights.

This used to work but since the reboot this fails.

I can use status but not control



Control 'Back Porch' is switched On



Set 'Rear Flood' On

Set 'Patio Lights' On



- No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')

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The program is simple enough that I think we can declare that this is not the problem. I am unsure why a status would work, but not a control. Is the device part of a scene?


Does the event viewer not show the receipt of the control command?


What happens if you restore the device?

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not sure why but I had to restore the switch?


As I understand the way things work, if a device looses link records with regards to the PLM, or vice versa, the ISY may not see commands from that device. Besides, it is simple to accomplish and is unlikely to hurt anything.


Sometimes, I understand it can help to restore the PLM, also. I don't know why devices can loose link records.


Do you see any other signs of comm issues or slowness?

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