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Insteon Keypad status

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I have a feeling that this may be a common question, but I couldn't find anything in the forum, so I apologize in advance.


I have a large client site where we are making extensive use of the network module for the ISY994/Pro. (TV power, Shade control etc).


I have hit a big road block, a number of the keypads installed throughout the home do not show their current status (or do not update when their is a status change), so my programs never get activated.


units in question are


2486D v.41

2487S x.41

2334 x.43


It is weird, some switches correctly reflect status, some don't. I have tried everything from restoring the device, to removing it from the ISY altogether and re-adding it with no joy.


Thanks in advance for your help.


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Hello ukbjorn20001,


In addition to what oberkc correctly noted, it might be the case that your PLM has reached the max number of supported links (beyond which you will not get status updates from your devices). Please go to Tools | Diagnostics | Show PLM Link Table, click on Start , wait for completion and then click on the Count button. If the number is anything above 800, then you need to reduce the number of scenes you have. Especially, you need to merge scenes where most of devices are common with other scenes.


If you are still having any problems, please do not hesitate to contact our tech support team (links below).


With kind regards,


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Hi Michael,


I am back on site today and ran the PLM Links test you suggested, and yes it exceeds the 800, 841 to be exact.


However, the challenge I have is that when I wired the house I installed ONLY keypads throughout the house and the physical load switching switches in 2 hidden locations, so 90% of my scenes are in fact just linking keypads to single switches and it's a BIG house.


I have attached a backup of the ISY so you can see for yourself, I would welcome input from you on how to overcome this issue.


Perhaps .... I have my old ISY99i from my house, that I upgraded to an ISY994 and promised not to use (which I haven't). Perhaps if I used that with another PLM to just control the network controlled items that I need to read state on the keypads ?


Any other ideas ?

ISY-Backup.v4.1.2__Thu 2014.04.24 06.53.43 PM.zip

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