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Open ADR?

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When I was first setting up my 994i it automatically installed a scene called Auto DR. I had no idea what it was so ignored it. When I installed an I/O linc and attached it to my garage door opener it was automatically inserted as part of the ISY scene Auto DR. Since I didn't know why it was there I didn't mess with it. I've since Googled the auto DR to discovered it is related to energy management. I don't have an Insteon thermostate or Buehl monitors so what is the significance of this scene? Why did ISY automatically place my I/O in this scene as a responder?

I'm curious as I have been getting some strange behavior from my garage door opener since a SwitchLinc was added as a responder to the I/O (garage door goes up, garage lights go on. Garage door goes down, lights go off)



Should I move my I/O linc out of this scene and delete it?

Should I move my I/O linc out of this scene and ignore it?

None of the above?



When I originally installed the I/O linc it was manually linked to an OutletLinc in the house with an indicator light. If the garage door was open, the light was on. If door closed, light was off. Worked great. I've since added a camera in the garage to monitor the door status and would like to be able to close the door remote if it is left open.

What are the correct settings for ISY and MobilLinc to open or close the garage door?

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The Auto DR Scene (something like Automatic Demand Response) is associated with electric monitoring. The I/O Linc must have been dropped on the Scene. There is no relationship between an I/O Linc and electric monitoring. Remove from Scene the I/O Linc from the Auto DR Scene and ignore the Auto DR Scene.


How to use the I/O Linc to manage the garage door can have many answers. In general the I/O Linc Relay is connected to the garage door opener. This is where the first set of questions come up. If a simple single button opener then the I/O Linc Relay is connected in parallel to the two wires going to the single button. If the opener has multiple buttons the I/O Linc Relay normally has to be connected to the door opener internally across the button used to open/close the garage door.


To open/close the garage door turn the Relay On. The Relay should be in one of the momentary modes with a momentary time of 1-2 seconds. For this simple use of the I/O Linc it does not matter which momentary mode. If more sophisticated use of the I/O Linc is planned then which momentary mode depends on how the I/O Linc will be used.

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