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UD ISY/PLM Combination


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Hi Michel-


On a more serious note, can you give a rough estimate/roadmap on the rollout plan for the new PLM?  Any pictures of what it might look like?  Aside from using reliable parts, what else is different about the UDI PLM that differentiates it from the SH PLM?


Am I asking too many questions?



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Hi Xathros,


We have gotten 5 boards that we are trying to bring up. The roadmap is to get these units burned in and stress tested to make sure nothing is going to fail. Once that's done, we are going to go for a prototype run of about 1000 and then production.


I have no pictures that I would like to share.


The difference with SmartHome PLM:

1. Firmware wise, nothing

2. Hardware wise, many things related to the power circuitry and stability



With kind regards,

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I don't recall if anyone posed this question before so here goes.


1. Will the new UDI PLM have a stronger and longer RF range? If so what is the range?


2. Surge Protection: Will this new UDI PLM have at least 1000 volts protection?


3. RF / Power Line: Will this new UDI PLM have the ability to turn off one or the other or both? As many of the newer Insteon devices have this ability now. This would prove helpful in trouble shooting and on the rare occasions allows those who want to use it in RF only mode or reduce their RF environment.


4. PSU: As it has been stated before the UDI made PLM will have a better parts and will address the bad caps issue. But wanted to know if this new PLM will also be more efficient.


The current PLM uses about 1.45 - 2.50 watts, what is the energy consumption of this new design. It would be great to see the specs now given its pending release is immanent.  

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2. Some of the new modules indicate they can handle 1000 volt surge but do not indicate the wattage of the surge it can safely absorb.

While the new HUB II says it can handle a 1000 watt surge but does not indicate what the highers surge voltage can be.


I have seen no safe energy absorption in Joules for any Insteon devices.

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No.  In that respect it should be identical to the SH PLM.  Poor Insteon network performance is attributed to noise or signal attenuation on the power line.  There are many threads here about how to track down and correct signal quality problems.



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