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I wanted to advise those who have the Autelis Bridge that the latest firmware 1.2.6 has been released on December 08, 2014.


This release is a calumniation of several feature requests and bug fix's I had asked and pushed for. In this release the following features have been introduced and resolved some persistent bugs.


U.I. Stability: This release finally addresses the U.I from displaying random odd characters when going to various tabs. It also appears the temperature information is displayed faster.


Sensor Sorting: The sensors can now be re-ordered to show Sort ID, Sort Name, Sort Offset.


Sensor Labeling: The sensors can be labeled with a custom name up to 15 characters.


Delete Sensor: We finally have a method to delete a single sensor from the device. This is one of the most critical requests I had made. As in the past if a sensor had failed there was no method to delete that 1 wire sensor from the global list. 


The only method to delete a sensor was to delete all sensors and enroll them all again. I can safely tell you trying to do that in a existing *live* system would be impossible and would scramble what sensors would appear and what they were attached to.


Network Settings: All of the network settings are now exposed and available for modification. The important ones I wanted to see were having the ability to change the HTTP port, Static vs the default DHCP mode. This new firmware also allows the entry of the DNS settings etc.


Auto Refresh: It looks like the system will finally auto refresh the 1 wire sensor data on the screen. The user has the option to select 5, 10, 30, 60, seconds and off. 


Humidity: Alpha support has been added but is untested to allow the new Hobby Boards 1 wire temperature / humidity sensor to operate with the Autelis Bridge! I can not begin to tell you what this will offer those such as I who seek an affordable and accurate humidity sensor.


I will be placing an order in the next few weeks and will report back my success / failures in this endeavor. 


New Features: I am currently requesting that the following core features and enhancements be integrated into the Autelis Bridge.


1. High / Low limit temperature alert thresholds: This feature will allow the end user to pre-define a set limit for each sensor.


2. E-Mail Alert: With the above this will send a e-mail alert to the end user about the set threshold being met.


3. Send Interval: I have asked that a option box be made available. This will allow the end user to define the send interval to the ISY to reduce the traffic and over head on the network. When multiple devices are sending state variables the ISY seems to get bogged down.


Having this send interval setting will help reduce the load on the ISY.


I would like to personally thank Autelis Support in their pursuit of developing and resolving these outstanding issues. I believe once the new features are made available this will truly make this product a one sensor solution for those on a budget.


The product is solid, offers great value, and easily integrates into the ISY Series Controller. For those contemplating how to integrate reliable, consistent, and large numbers of temperature, humidity sensing.


The Autelis Bridge is that solution in a box . . .


More detailed information about this fine product can be found here in my on going install thread: http://www.brultech.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=929&start=80

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