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I have EconNet EV100.  It linked to ZWave in ISY as a Dimmer which in itself is not a problem to me.  My testing indicates the way to operate if for simple open and close is to issue:


100% for Open (On and Fast On do not appear to work)

Off for Close

Battery Level (with brand new tested batteries) shifts in large range when received just after and open or close.  Could go from 98% to 72% and then a few seconds later a query will move it back to 98%.


In order to save battery life, I've set a variable that keeps last vent state and does not issue command again if program is calling for last known state.  Another program queries the state at startup and each day to confirm vent and variable are in sync.


Does this match others setup and behavior?





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EcoNet provided firmware update. Now it is on for open, off for closed, or x% for partial. Battery level does not shift so radically at open and close event. Still have variable and have not had it need to re sync. New version adds as a multi-level switch instead of as dimmer.


I bought when first offered by Smarthome but just installed so had early FW. It can be FW upgraded by some controllers. It is simple but so far I can recommend.

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