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EcoNet EV100


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I added an EcoNet EV100 Zwave Vent to ISY (showed as a dimmer)  a couple weeks ago but the control for open/close was not working consistently.  The vent was listed in MobiLinc and I could send on/Off commands and they worked but with same consistency issues.


I spoke with great support at EcoNet and they provided replacement with updated Firmware that fixed the issue.  I installed new device  and added to ISY (shows as multi-level switch) and it works great from ISY -- open and close are perfect and fast.  The only issue is after update lighting controller the vent is listed as a "Status Only Device" in MobiLinc so I cannot control it as a device.

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Hi hart2hart,


Can you send me a screenshot of the Admin Console showing it listed as a multi-level device? I need to match up some key info on this page with internals in MobiLinc to make it controllable for you.


Please send the screenshot to support@mobilinc.com




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