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Difference between Mobilinc HD and Orchestrated Mobilinc


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Hi endobiker,


MobiLinc HD and Orchestrated MobiLinc are nearly the same. The only difference for ISY users is the Resource Manager is built into Orchestrated MobiLinc whereas Resource Manager is an optional plug-in for MobiLinc HD. Both support the ISY, both will give you the HD interface on the iPad and iPhone interface on the iPhone/iPod Touch.


If you intend on sharing the app with your family consider the following:

If you know you want the Resource Manager functionality, go for the Orchestrated MobiLinc version as you'll be able to fully share this with other's on your family sharing plan. If you go with MobiLinc HD and then purchase the plug-in, Apple currently does not allow plugins to be shared with family members. Only the base app.


Resource Manager: http://mobilinc.com/features/plugins/(Scroll to the bottom).



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