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ISY Unresponsive/Can't Reset


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I switched to a new router and attempted to power cycle my ISY-994i Pro so it would obtain a new IP address.  I unplugged, waited the obligatory 10 seconds, and then plugged back in.  I get a power LED on front panel, but not other activity.  I understand this is normal after everything is connected, but I do remember in the past the Rx and Tx would flash briefly after connecting.


I unplugged overnight (this has actually helped in the past) and plugged back in with no luck.


I disconnected the ISY from everything and hooked up an ethernet cable direct to the computer, changed my IP on computer to match the old LAN settings, and can't talk to it.


I tried to do a factory reset (holding in the reset button for 30+ seconds) and nothing happens.  I held it for a full minute.  No change from the single power LED.


Is my unit dead?


Thanks for any assistance.



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