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Questions on variables in the Cust Dev tab


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Hi Benoit


I am working on my Cust Dev tab and had a question. I want to change the Cust Dev tab into a status for my house by just displaying selected variables in locations I create in the device list.


I can get the following to display:

var deviceList =  // This is an example of a table with customizations
            {     location: "HVAC Upstairs",     
                list : [
                    { name : "Stage 2 Heat Cycles", labelOn:" ", labelOff:" ", typeControl:"Var", refreshOpt:"Var", varType:"2", varId:"63", varInc:"0", varMax:"0", varControl:"0", varSliderSnap:"0" }                            

My question is, can i tweak the parameters to display just the variable name and value; no slider or buttons? Formatted similar to the variables tab, but no + -. Attached is an example of what it would look like. I tried adding varControl:"0" but it didn't work for me. Maybe I remove all of the other control related settings like varMax, etc?


Thank you






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Hello Paul,


All you need to do is add hideControls:"Yes", which does remove all controls (buttons & sliders).


Your device line can be simplified to the following:

{ name : "Stage 2 Heat Cycles", refreshOpt:"Var", varType:"2", varId:"63", hideControls:"Yes" } 


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