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ISY994i no longer reading GEM module


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I had a Powerlinc failure and after replacing the unit, I find that the ISY is no longer reading the energy channels from my GEM. I have updated the PLM and have full functionality with all my devices, including my ELK, but not with the GEM. I have confirmed Zigbee communication with the GEM as seen in the attachments but have been unable to figure why I am getting no readings.








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If your sure the PLM restore was successful. You have several steps to correct this issue.


1. Uncheck the Zigbee (enabled) and reboot the ISY. Once the system comes back on line reenable the Zigbee. If this works you're good to go.


2. If not you can go into diagnostic and remove the listed device node. Uncheck the Zigbee enable. Reboot, reenable the Zigbee and the system should search and find the GEM.


3. If both methods fail the tried and true method is going into the GEM's setup page under advanced and select enable Zigbee for ISY at the very bottom of the page.


You need to wait the whole 30 seconds for the write to complete to the ISY. You may have to disable / enable the Zigbee in the ISY for the system to poll again.


You can use any of the three steps but I have found step 3 the most consistent in forcing the connection to be reestablished. You will know it works because a pop up will appear and the system indicates busy.



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