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How to Freeze or Lock SwitchLinc Light


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I have a Switch Linc Dimmer and my kids play with the lights for fun. I wanted to see if there is a way to freeze or lock the Switches for a set period. For example Saturday from 10AM-1PM Living Room Switch is ON and if lightswitch is turned off by children it should not shut it off but remain on current level.


Any suggestions would be helpful




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There is no way to disable the paddle from the wired load. But you can disconnect the load wire and install a Micro Module in the fixture and use a scheduled program that allows control only outside of the play hours.


Or you try a program that turns on the light in response to an off signal, but there would be a short delay between off and on which could, in itself, be playful B)

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Could you adjust the local ramp rate to the longest duration, like 20 minutes, so when they hit the switch nothing appears to happen? I'm not sure if you can adjust the local ramp rate programmatically or not. Then have a program to turn on in response to an off signal.

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