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Should I exchange my ISY994i/IR for a new one?


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I've never used a Universal Devices product before, but from all of the reviews I read, the ISY994i seems like it's supposed to be very reliable.


I've been having trouble with my browser sometimes not connecting to the ISY Administrative Console and I'll have to power cycle the ISY.  When the console does work, I can't seem to add any Insteon devices.  I'm following the instructions in the manual, but when I click on the "Start Linking" button with the two arrows, there is no pop-up window as stated in the manual and nothing appears to happen.  When I go to "Link Management > New Insteon Device" and manually enter an Insteon address and name, I get the error message:


"Could not open file [/CONF/INSTENG.OPT] could not open config file to read [/CONF/INSTENG.OPT]"


Is the config file it's complaining about located in the ISY or in the Insteon 2412N PLM?  I've used the 2412N before and so it does not have the default settings, is that a problem?


One more thing to note is that the TX and memory LEDs blink a little during boot-up, but RX LED comes on right away and remains on indefinitely.  Is that normal behavior?


Does it sound like this thing is defective and I should return it for another one?  Thanks,



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Got it. I thought it read somewhere that the 2412 was also compatible, but I must be remembering wrong. I'll try the 2413, thanks

I took you literally that it was a (N) and not a 2412S PLM. The older Smartlinc was a 24XXN.



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I have a 2413UH with the USB connection instead of Ethernet, is there an easy way to adapt it to work with the ISY994i? Maybe with the mini USB connector?

I have never heard of anyone accomplishing this so you might be the first!


I would suggest you purchase a brand new 2413S from SH and be happy it will operate as expected.



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