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HAD fix


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Hello all,


There has not been any new releases for a while, but I just fixed a timing bug. This fix will be included in the next wsdk release.


The symptom is that the page will load, but the device table is not shown. Also, the refresh button will not have it's usual look. This bug appears only over slow connections or a slow web server. Usually, after a refresh, the page will show correctly.


The problem is that the device template is loaded dynamically. Then, when it's time to display data with the template, the template loading may not have completed on time.


Problem is here (index.htm)

<script> $(document).ready(function() {    
      $(function(){ $("#templates").load("template.htm"); });  <!-- Includes the device template within the document body -->

The line in bold is used to load the file "template.htm" and inserts it in a div below in the page.


Suggested fix:

1-Remove the above line in bold

2-Copy paste the content of template.htm inside the div where the template goes


Find this line at the bottom:

<div id="templates"></div>


And insert the complete file content here:

<div id="templates">




That will fix the timing bug, and also save an extra http call.











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