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"Announcement" subforum missing in Tapatalk.


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I think that's a different subforum.

I'm looking for the one with "testimonials" sub-subforum.


If you compare in a regular browser, you'll see what I mean.


Maybe I'm not looking in the right spot. :-S



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No, you're correct the Tapa Talk App does not show this sub forum as being available when compared to the web browser. I think this also relates to some of the *Archive* threads where you can't reply back or add comments??

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I am going through the this app for a third party and my subforums are not showing no announcements or other list I went into settings and everything is checked but there is no circle beside the forums to click to work I really need this for the app 6762b490f228800b9d68e7748a24bf6b.jpg



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