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New KPLs: reliability?


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I've been slowly replacing my older KPLs with the newer DB devices. For the most part these are devices that seem to have developed minor comm problems, a couple of spots with occasionally spotty comm, or devices where I just want to speed up the programming.


I had one of the new ones die shortly after installation. I disassembled it just to see if there was anything going on. While I couldn't see (or smell) anything obvious, I did notice that SH is still using Fujicon RK caps which are 1000-2000 hr rated components (ie crap caps).


So especially after reading some of the SH reviews on the new 2334-2 KPL, and having this one fail, I'm a little concerned about longer-term reliability of these things I'm buying.
Wondering if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this?
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None of my new KPL's have failed, they better not, but I did fry one hooking it up wrong and plan to repair it.


I did the KPL cap repair on an older KPL last night that was just in my stash and that triac is a pia and I snapped the leads off so soldered those back up too.


I think the next one I will just drill out that rivet and install a small bolt!



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