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tech@universal-devices.com not accepting mail??


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I gather someone has flipped a bit by accident regarding receipt of inbound mail to the above UDI alias?


As I started to receive the following bounce backs from the server:


Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:


tech (tech@universal-devices.com)
Your message couldn’t be delivered because the address you’re sending to needs to know who you are before it'll let your message through.

To fix this problem, contact the recipient (by phone or instant messaging, for example) and tell them to ask their email admin to configure the recipient’s mailbox to accept messages from you.


For Email Administrators
This error occurs when the recipient's mailbox is configured to reject email from anonymous users. To fix the issue, either add the sender's address to the allow list for the mailbox or turn off the mailbox setting that rejects email from anonymous senders.

For more information, see DSN 5.7.12 Errors in Exchange Online and Office 365.

My system has been sending daily error messages to this alias for more than a year. Now out of the blue its being returned and denied?

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