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No Access Outside of Local Network


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Somewhat recently, I stopped being able to connect to ISY99i with MobiLinc from outside my network (i.e. cellular) with local network functionality operating just fine.  I am able to connect to and control devices if I enter my public IP address and port into the browser on my phone.  I'm guessing by this that the issue is not with anything related to the router or ISY configuration or network settings, but possibly MobiLinc settings.


Can anyone offer any troubleshooting suggestions that I might attempt to restore MobiLinc access outside of my network?




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Hi Joe,


iOS or Android? If Android, and your Android was updated to 5.x, you'll need the latest beta firmware for your ISY that addresses an Android 5 incompatibility issue via HTTPS.


Otherwise, if you send the following to support@mobilinc.com I can help you find the disconnect:


- Screenshot of your Lighting Controller settings page.



- Screenshot of your port forward settings page.



- Screenshot of your ISY's Admin Console->Configuration tab.


The results of going to: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=what+is+my+ip



Or the other option is to use our MobiLinc Connect cloud service to prevent this from happening again in the future: http://mobilinc.com/features/mobilincconnect/



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Android 5 deprecated SSL3, and to move beyond SSL3 on ISY you'll probably need to upgrade to a 994i - if that's your situation. Unless you have a 99i PRO, in which case you can use the dashboard to upgrade server side SSL to be compatible again.

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