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3-Way Dimmer Local Changes


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So I setup my first dimmer 3-way tonight, no issues with on/off.


My scene on is 20%.  I noticed that when I apply a local fast on (tap on while the light is already on), the second switch in the 3-way doesn't follow suit.  So if it's the non load connected switch the lights don't go to 100%.

Is this just Insteon tough luck or am I missing something?  Would of thought that in a scene they'd always follow suit.

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It's not you, it's Insteon. That's the correct Insteon behavior, but not the correct expected behavior. That's because the second tap when the device is on affects only the load wired to that device.


If you double-tap (fast on) the secondary switch, then the load will go to full on. You can also hold the paddle.

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Yeah, that is frustrating. I would just use a program to correct this. Several options. I think you can make a scene with both switches as responders, on level of 100%


If device a is switched fast on

Or device b is switched fast on


Wait 2 seconds (to allow traffic to clear)

set scene both switches 100% on.


Or create a separate scene for each switch with two programs, one for each fast on.


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Fast on functions correctly from both the primary and secondary switches. What doesn't work from the secondary switch--that does work from the primary switch--is using a single tap to bring the load to full on when the load is already at a preset On-level (less that 100%).

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