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Trouble adding a new MorningLinc Module to ISY994


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I have an ISY994 with Firmware 4.2.15.

I just purchase a new MornngLinc #2458A1 module.

It is REV. 1.2.1310.

I am not able to add it through the ISY UI. I tried both adding it by selecting the MorningLinc specifically and tried Auto discovery.

I tried putting the MorningLinc in linking mode by holding the set button for 5 seconds.  The LED blinks but only about 3 times.


Every time I try to add it I get the error "Cannot determine Insteon Engine".


I see that firmware 4.2.18 is available but I am reluctant to upgrade unless I know that the new version supports MorningLinc better.


I have another MorningLinc that works fine. I upgraded from an ISY99 to the ISY994 this older MorningLinc device came over with the upgrade.


Any help is appreciated.



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