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As I am configureing my system it has become painfuly slow. Every change to any of my 8 button panels requires me to "Restore Device" to get it to take a complicated scene. During the 40 minute ordeal the ISY will reboot randomly and I have to start it over. Deleting the device and re-adding it just makes me more frustrated as it does not help the situation.


Any ideas?

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There appears to be two symptoms, slow response to writing updates to the KPL which will have to be looked at from a comm viewpoint.  The second is the reboot of the ISY.  


Does the Error Log show anything ahead of the reboot? 


Can you run a few minutes of Tools | Diagnostics | Event Viewer at LEVEL 3 while the KPL updates are running.   That should show how the comm is working.  Post the event trace as a file would be best.


Is the Admin Console accessed locally or remotely.

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THis is after the reboot. Once I get any device configured I have no problem using anything, everything is snappy fast on and off. I plugged in my INSTEON testing unit and Im not getting a lot of colisions running a load test. the other tests appear fine. Its just adding or chageing a device, scene, or button. I don't think I have too many devices, the system supports 1024, I only have 390 devices, 50 or so scenes as I am trying to get it all set up. 20 programs which are disabled.


THanks in advance.

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The event trace file does not have an update to any device so it is not possible to evaluate how the comm would be.


The Error Log is not erased when the ISY boots so it should show if something happened before to reboot. 

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Hi MarioLanning,


This is absolutely abnormal. May I humbly request that you open a ticket?


From looking at your logs:

1. A lot of failed login attempts (-10108)

2. Queue full ... this may be related to INSTEON communication issues + programs trying to do things


With kind regards,


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I have tried calling support repeatedly over a week if that is what your asking, I have left messages with the computer lady phone system they have and no one has ever called me back.

Im going to have to pull all the stuff I have installed if I cant get this fixed, the wife can't turn anything on and I'm the pee-on here. Smarthome is 100% totaly useless. Thier support is worse then calling Dell and geting India. Im amazed their support people dont have reminders on thier terminals to remind them to breath.

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