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Help with SyncroLinc


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Hey all,

I was wondering if I could get some help with my SyncroLinc. I cannot for the life of me get it to work correctly. I have it hooked up to my washing machine so it will tell me when the load is done. 


I followed the instructions that came with it to program it for when the washer is running and when it is idle. However, I don't think it is great. Then I have a program that says the following:

   Control 'Washing Machine' is Switched Off
Or Status  'Washing Machine' is Off

   Wait 10 minutes
   Send notification to 'Cell' content 'Wash Finished'

-No Actions

I have it wait 10 minutes because the washer has some pauses in the cycle. Long story short, the program never triggers and when the washer is on its state is "1%". Anything I am missing here?



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A washing machine that is idle (i.e., between cycles) and off is not the same. Which did you program for? Many modern washers use nearly the same value for both, so it may be impossible to distinguish between the two!!!

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