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Experience With Aeon Labs DSB04100-ZWUS - Z-Wave Door & Window Sensor


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Why don't you use the Insteon Wireless Open/Close sensor?




Can't speak for the original poster, but I use all z-wave for my door sensors because of the nasty All-ON bug that seems to be triggered by, among other things, Insteon motion and open-close sensors.  :-)


I'm using several of the Aeon multi-sensors - they work very nicely on a power supply (I opted to avoid batteries on these because I could, and because with an external PSU they act as repeaters, and can update more frequently.


I have the Aeon on-the-door sensor as well; nice unit, well-constructed, works as advertised.  Compared to a couple of others, the Aeon units are better made (tamper switch is far more sturdy, etc), and another big plus is that the Aeon unit takes a standard battery.


You'll need to make sure that you have coverage - I added the Aeon siren to my collection in part to satisfy that need, but also because Insteon doesn't have such a unit, so it was a very nice addition to the system.


In general -- I've no ALL-ON events, I get a broader selection of devices to choose from, and with the ISY and programs, I can make the z-wave devices and the Insteon devices play well together.  (The only downside is that there's a noticeable delay in an Insteon light turning on when triggered by a z-wave device, as compared to an Insteon scene doing the same thing).

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Good information, thanks mwester.


Fortunately for me, I've never experienced an All On event and I have several Insteon sensors. I use them for the closets so the light turns on when the door is opened, and there is absolutely no delay. I wouldn't trust the Insteon sensors for a security solution.


It sounds like the Aeon units are better for doos/windows if they do have a tamper sensor.


I personally stuck with the DSC wireless sensors for my alarm and integrated that with the ISY. The batteries last several years, have a tamper sensor, faster response times, and with the DSC Powerseries it can detect if the wireless signal is being jammed.

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