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UDI Site Migration - GMX Mail Restored


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Well, I had a nice wall of text that literally went poof! I don't know what you pay for this service but its obvious to me UDI is not getting their monies worth.


-.Posts taking forever to load.

- Site is often slow as a snail.

- Complete black out of the entire community.

- Mail not being sent out that a message was updated.


My original reply simply indicated my GMX mail appeared to operate. Now, given these error messages I have little faith mail will arrive as one would expect.




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Hello everyone,


The problem is that we have had 70,000+ spider bots per day (sometimes 100 per second) for the past 5 days. We are actively trying to stop and/or reduce their rate.


Teken, Reverse DNS record was added two days ago. It might take up to a week for your mail server to get updated with the new IP address.


With kind regards,


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This may be info you all already have. There are a lot of articles out there, but these articles had  "quick hit" suggestions as well as good info in the comments:





Also there is the appliance / software approach. I used Checkpoint's virus software services in a router appliance a few years ago. It imploded bad binary images in the packet stream before it got into the LAN. It was very effective and didn't cost that much, relative to the alternatives. This is their anti-bot solution, I'm not sure what this costs


Edit: I gave this another read and I think this is functionally more like the Palo Alto and is not a server bot defense specific solution. It is probably too expensive.


Good luck with this, I am aware of what a pain this can be and you have better things to be doing.



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