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When does a device not respond?


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Just curious as I have an insteon LED bulb on my front porch which never gets turned off from the switch.  I was hoping to write a program that would notify me if the switch goes off by mistake, or ideally if someone outside unscrews the bulb to make it darker.  I tried one saying "If status of device is not responding" but when testing it (by physically turning off the switch and the load) its been 5 minutes and no notification and ISY admin console doesn't show anything out of the ordinary.  Is there a time that it takes before it is considered not responding, or am I supposed to write another program to periodically query it?  Didn't think that was necessary with Insteon but was only able to make it run by actually manually selecting Query.  Thanks!

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There is no time limit. The ISY does a Query at 3AM but that would not help your situation. A Query or perhaps an On command since the bulb is On all the time. That is going to introduce Insteon activity 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


If the switch was Insteon turning the switch Off would be detectable with an If Status 'switch' is Off. That would leave the bulb being unscrewed or a bulb failure as an open item to solve. Perhaps something that sensed light that would trigger an I/O Linc if the bulb stopped producing illumination.

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Oh no sorry I mean I just have an Insteon LED there because I had a spare, but ideally it should be replaced with a normal LED and a SwitchLinc, wouldn't have both there.


In that case you can write a program to send you a text or email anytime the Switchlink is manually turned off. I don't think you can verify if the bulb is removed as there's no way to determine if there's a load connected to the Switchlink.


One thought would be to mount a motion sensor close to the light and use the dusk/dawn feature to notify you if it's dark

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Thanks that's a good idea as well as I was thinking of putting a motion sensor out there eventually anyway as I'd like to have exterior lights on but dim all night, but if motion is detected raise the brightness basically being like I see you..

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