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Spurious ALL OFF Command???

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Configuration  Apr 2015



Open ADR

Weather Module

Networking Module

Firmware  V.4.2.18

UI               V.4.2.18

Internet Access  DISABLED


PLM:  2413S

Approximately 120 Insteon devices:

  • Mainly Switchlincs, Lamplincs, Outletlincs, On/Off Adapters, etc etc
    10 KPL’s – about 15% are dual band units
    Triggerlincs (2)
    RemoteLincs (3)
    RemoteLinc2 (4)
    Controllincs (2)
    Access Points (4) – 2 on each phase from each subpanel
    Dualband LampLinc dimmers (4)
    Dual Band 240V load controller (2) (Normal Open, dual band)
    Signal Linc (2)
    Venstar Thermostats (3) with V2 RF interface
    EZRain/EZFlora Irrigation Controller v.92


House is about 4000 sq feet, two floors, but spread out.

  • Two primary subpanels, one secondary.  Secondary is dedicated to dryer, pool filter and water feature, and some outdoor outlets on the patio. 
  • Both primary panels each have a signal linc installed in the panels. 
  • Both primary panels have Leviton 51110-1 120/240 120/240 Volt Single-Phase Panel surge protectors. 
  • All power strips in use in the house are either filtered via X-10 Pro 20 A in line or 15A plug in filters, or do NOT have any surge suppression or noise filtering.
  • No UPS in the system.
  • Numerous other devices are filtered via one of the above or a simple X-10 5A plug in filter or a leviton in line 5A filter.


Further Notes


  • All thermostat dongles (T1, T2 and T3) are Rev 2.2R
  • Multiple Sonos components, 3 Play 1 units, 1 Play 3, 1 Play 5, 1 Connect, and 2 Bridge units. 
  • DirecTV with Whole Home Network



Arrived home last evening and within about 5 minutes of arrival, all Insteon devices in the house that can be turned OFF, suddenly went OFF.  This includes a few devices that are NOT in any scenes because they remain on 24/7 (eg. 25 watt picture lamp in the kitchen).  However, all other electric devices that are NOT insteon controlled remained on, ie TV, microwave, DVD player, DirectTV, desktop computer, etc etc.  


Within about 10 minutes I was at my ISY Admin console and initiated a system wide query.  See attached pdf of my system log excel file with highlighted cells, 16 Apr 9:46 PM and 9:56 PM. 


Not sure what to make of this.  It would appear that this may have happened in the not too distant past, as I noticed last week that the kitchen picture lamp mentioned above was turned OFF.  At that time I turned it back ON and did not think much of it. 


Any ideas what could have caused this and how do I prevent it from happening again? 

UDReport 17 Apr 2015 UDReport.xls.pdf

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Hi Justin


While I don't recall reading another report of an "All off", the same principle is in effect: the supergroup function that causes an "all on" calls is essentially a scene. It did happen to you, so it can happen. It doesn't sound like a side effect of an existing program that you have.


You will want to read the end of the recent the "All on" thread on the forum. Its been active within the last few days with specific suggestions. If you look at the end of the thread, there are several suggestions about minimizing the "all on" chances from Michel and summarized by Stu.


 This includes a few devices that are NOT in any scenes because they remain on 24/7 (eg. 25 watt picture lamp in the kitchen).


This won't matter.  The "All on" (off) speaks to all devices and does not discriminate once its issued. Its about finding what caused it.


The "All on" thread's suggestions, at the end of the thread,  ask you to look at relationships between devices, scenes and programs to minimize the chance of the "All on" happening. In particular, look for certain devices set up like the thread describes, that you activated within the 5 minutes before it happened. What programs were running with related scenes within that 5 minutes?


Wireless sensors like motion and open/close seem to be involved for many with the all/on. Since you had just come home, maybe the chances are higher that one or more of these was active.


I've been fortunate not to have been visited by this yet.. however I would love to have a way to disable the All on (and off!). Its a feature that serves no purpose for me, and is only a risk.



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I have had an All Off event and several other reports of All Offs  have been posted to the "Random All On" thread as well.  Common suggestion is to place a wait of 1 or 2 seconds between wireless sensor activation and a programed scene command as well as avoiding using both a program and a scene controller device  to activate/turn off the same scene.



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