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Keypadlinc Relay behaving badly

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Using a Keypadlinc Relay v.36 (2486S) to control the load to florescent lights. (set up in a 6 button config)


The Scene C button (labeled Theater Keypad - Stars) is set to control a scene that turns a Icon Relay Switch (Stars Switch) on/off.




Here is a shot of the Scene contents




However, whenever this button is pressed on the Keypadlinc Relay, not only does the Stars Switch operate, but the florescent lights controlled by the main ON button (and the button backlight itself) operate, as well as the Scenes assigned to buttons A and B (and the backlights in those buttons as well.)


I have a second keypadlinc (non-relay 2487S) on the other side of the room configured identically (although it does not directly control the florescent light load. On this keypadlinc the Theater Stars scene operates normally. Activating the scene from here is properly mirrored on the Relay Keypad (which will properly shut off the scene if it is then pressed). Also, this second keypad DOES NOT mirror the activation of the undesired scenes and buttons when the Theater Stars scene is activated on the Relay Keypad. 



All buttons on both keypads are set to Toggle and I've made no manual changes to the button groupings.


The log does not reflect the additional scenes being activated




I've tried restoring all the devices involved with no effect.


I've held off deleting and re-adding the Relay Keypad but that was my next idea.


Please let me know if you see any errors in my layout or know of any remedies or additional troubleshooting steps.

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