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Program to turn on outside lights, but override if I manually turn off


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Hello all,


New ISY user here.


I've had my setup up and running for about a week, so far so good (even got my Hue lights setup to operate!)


I have a simple program setup to turn on my outside lights on a Keypadlinc between sunset and a few hours before sunrise.


However, I just realized that when I go to manually turn off the lights during a time when the program is active, it will automatically re-run again and turn the lights back on.


What am I missing to add the option so that when I manually hit the "off" button on the Keypadlinc it will override the program and the lights stay off???


Thanks in advance.

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Here's the program:


On At Sunset - [iD 0006][Parent 0004]
        From    Sunset 
        To      Sunrise -  4 hours  and 30 minutes (next day)
        Set 'Keypadlinc.FD.Ext Recessed' On
        Send Notification to 'SMS'
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
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First, I see nothing in this program that would turn lights off at any certain time, if that is what you are trying to accomplish. Second, I see nothing in this program to explain the problem you describe. (This program will run only twice: once at sunset and the second time at sunrise - xxx.) I suspect you have another program, somewhere, triggered by the keypad. Is this keypad button a controller of any scene?


My suggestion is to turn on and off this keypad button and observe wnat other programs run. This can be done through the ISY admin panel>>>programs tab>>>details.

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Thank you everyone for the quick replies.


chrishick, I was so busy trying to come up with everything in one program that I didn't even think of the option of having 2 programs. I guess I'm used to writing all functions into one "program" that it didn't even cross my mind. Speaking of programs, how many programs can one realistically have on the ISY994 before you run into issues???

I'll setup 2 programs - one for turning the outside lights on and one for turning them off. Much more logical.


oberkc, you are right that there is nothing in the program I posted that would turn the lights off at a certain time....I was just posting that program to help describe my question but good catch.....


I clearly don't quite have the grasp yet of this amazing little device.

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A couple of points...


I dont believe two programs are needed or bebeficial. To your existing program, add an action (else path) to turn off the lights.


Second, i dont believe it is this program that is causing your lights to come on when manually turned off. This prgram, by itself, will run twice, and only twice: at sunset and sunrise minus 4.5 hours. There is something else going on

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