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Main Menu - Tree View: Meaning of Icons?


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I searched through the forum and wiki, but have not been able to get a complete answer to my question. Basically, I am looking for a legend for the various icons that are used in the tree menu. I think I can figure out most of them, but it would be nice to get confirmation. What I am not clear about is what these "cherries" mean, e.g. shown for the first motion sensor.




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The two "cherries" indicate motion sensor nodes.


The three Gray Icons with 1011 inside on the next motion sensor nodes indicate updates are pending for a battery powered device that has the updates suspended by last Option Icon on right.


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There is a relatively new Program statement (it is in Official release 4.2.30, it is not in Official release 4.2.18) that allows a Motion Sensor to be updated without manually putting the Motion Sensor into linking mode.  It is time dependent so it may not function depending on where the Motion Sensor is located relative to the Insteon network.  Enable a Program similar to the following and have the Motion Sensor detect motion.  The Time range is not required.


UpdateMS - [iD 0075][Parent 0001]
        Control 'MS I2CS-Sensor' is switched On
    And From     5:20:00AM
        For      1 hour 
        Set 'MS I2CS-Sensor' Write Device Updates
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')
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