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Insteon Thermostat Replacement


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What's the best way to replace my Insteon thermostat without impacting my programming?


Had a thermostat go bad (completely dead). Smarthome sent me a replacement.  I'm ready to replace it but I didn't want to "add new device" without checking with the experts.


I have a backup from the ISY before it failed.


What's the recommended replacement sequence?




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To the left of the device tree. Highlight the old TSTAT. Right click of the mouse and there should be an option to select replace with.


You will do this after you have added in the new TSTAT to the Insteon network.



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The normal sequence is to add new thermostat under a dummy name.


Right click on existing old thermostat primary node and select Replace 'old thermostat' With ......


which will display a list of devices that can Replace old thermostat.  The new thermostat replaces the old thermostat using the old thermostat name but with the new thermostat Insteon address.  No Program or Scene changes are necessary as the old thermostat name remains and the new thermostat dummy name is automatically deleted


I've never tried to replace a thermostat so cannot say the Replace 'xxxxx' With .... works on a thermostat.  

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Worked just as you guys recommended... very easy. thank you!

Well it's safe to say you're the first that I have ever read that has used the *replace with* option for a TSTAT!


I am sure this information will help out someone down the line. If you could please edit your initial thread with some key words so others can find it when using the search feature.



Ideals are peaceful - History is violent

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