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Insteon Garage Door Sensor

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I currently have an ISY994i and an Insteon Garage Door Kit. I bought the system last August and have no problems with it and in fact still works. The only problem is the sensor that came with the kit ALWAYS shows "On" in my ISY994i even when I can physically see the sensor break contact with the supplied magnet. It use to show "Off" when the sensor broke contact. Any suggestions?

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Make sure the Green LED next to the wire connections turns ON and OFF in sync with door movement.  Assuming Green LED indicates the Sensor is turning ON and OFF  there are three possibilites


1 - I/O Linc has lost its link records, do a Restore Device.

2 - PLM has lost its link records, do a File | Restore Modem (PLM)

3 - the I/O Linc has a comm problem talking to the PLM. 


If Green LED does not turn ON and OFF there is a problem with the magnetic switch or connections to switch. 

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