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Mobilinc vs. eKeypad

Dale T

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Hi all,


New to ISY,


I have purchased the iPhone version of Mobilinc and it so far is working fine. I will be receiving an iPad next week and Before buying the HD version of Mobilinc I would like to get some feedback from those that have used these two programs.


I like the concept of the Resource Manger plugin of MobiLinc. I sometimes have lots of downtime at work where I could play around with learning new stuff for my devices. 


I don't like that push notifications require their cloud service. Especially considering the cost of the app.


As to eKeypad, so far I have only looked at the website and screenshots. 


This isn't a dump on one app vs the other, curious as to real world feedback from folks that have used one or the other app. 


I also have a small android tablet that I might buy the appropriate app to use as a coffee table type controller. I have read the concerns about feature parity between the iOS and Android versions of MobiLine. And that the developer is looking for a dedicated Android coder.


Thank you for your feedback.



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