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Windows 10 Upgrade Reserve List


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I'm wanting to see how MS integrated Alljoyn into W10. One of the first pieces is getting W10 itself, which is due end of July


I have my systems hold their updates. When I applied the latest set of updates, my w7 and w8.1 workstations offered me the "get on the reserve list for W10 free upgrade".


You have to perform updates for the program / offer to show up. In all 3 cases for me, it was after updates required a reboot.

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Update may not be required. None of my Windows machines have automatic updates set and I haven't updated recently. the icons appeared yesterday. One machine has been off for a few weeks, I turned it on this morning and when I checked a few hours later the update icon was there. YMMV


I do like to have control of which updates are applied. That's no longer possible unless you have Win8 Pro.

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You can uninstall the following two Windows Updates and it will remove the Windows 10 Reservation notice.





After removal hide them in the Windows Update screen and you shouldn't be bothered again........that is until MS includes them in another update.



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