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Completely Wireless ELK System?


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I am moving into an apartment and I would love to have a security system integrated with my ISY 994i, but I only want temporary installs.  I'm totally fine for swapping out light switches and maybe a thermostat for my home automation, but wiring a security system is too much.


Ideally, I would take the wireless sensors with me when I move into a permanent house and upgrade to a wired security system?  I'm thinking something along the lines of simplisafe.







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If you want to go with SimpliSafe, then do that.  But there is no real integration with the ISY available.


If however you want to go with the Elk, I've actually personally thought about this exact thing for a while now.  


If you get a ELK Wireless 2 way transceiver, you can use keyfobs for arming/disarming the system.  Then, all you'd have to do is place the alarm "can", or "brain" in a closet/next to your phone line, with a 3 foot long cable going to the can to the single keypad.  The single keypad be used for programming, etc.  In reality, all you need is a place that has telephone line, ethernet line, and power.  It can sit on a desk/drawer, whatever.  Then place a speaker/siren in the same vicinity.


Elk has wireless keyfobs, wireless door/window sensors, wireless motion detectors (both regular and pet immune), as well as a few other wireless devices.


More info: http://www.elkproducts.com/two-way-wireless-for-m1-controls


I am not affiliated with Elk in any way other then a happy customer.



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