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Simple scene stopped working


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Hi Guys;


Here's the issue. I have a SWL in the basement and a KPL H button upstairs both as controllers for the light.

I've been noticing odd comm issues since a power outage.

This has worked since day one. but since the outage I can't seem to link them again.

The SWL would give me a request failed

I've removed the SWL and rediscovered it. It now lets me put it into the scene.


When I click on the SWL to turn the light on the light goes on and the KPL H button LED lights up.


But when I click on the KPL H button the light doesn't come on, just the LED.


Not sure what to do.


Is there a way I can scan the ISY to see if there's any damage from the power outage?


Is that even an issue?



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Thanks for the tip, Rand.


I've been uninstalling and re-installing KPLs and SWLs on and off this weekend. It seems to me that the ISY reverted(?) back to an earlier setting? Some SWLs just weren't there and others like you said had dropped their connections and links.


On another note, I just purchased and Blackberry 8320 with WIFI capabilities. I assume I can do something with my ISY and this (like use it as a remote or something).


Has anyone done this yet?



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