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2413S PLM Enhancement


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So I just went through the whole 2413S (V1.B/1305) failure cycle and replaced it with a new V2.1/1505 unit which appears to be working fine. Beyond the obvious capacitor issues, there's a lot of talk about making sure the PLM is up and running before booting the ISY.  I'd like to suggest the following:



A power failure occurs when you're off-site and unable to manually power up the ISY post PLM boot. 



ISY establishes communications to the PLM after a suitable wait period following restoration of power.


Potential Solution:



PLM DSR / DTE is active

ISY up time < 30 seconds

Stateful Boot Flag is False





Stop PLM Comm Link

Wait Period

Start PLM Comm Link

Wait Period

Query PLM Status

Set Stateful Boot Flag to True if above tasks complete successfully



I didn't have time to do a deep dive on the signals available from the PLM, but living in the lightning capitol of the world, we have tons of spurious power events.  I'd like to be confident that the system will recover in a reliable fashion without manual intervention.


Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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It is not a problem during a power up when both PLM and ISY are powered at the same time.  PLM comes up very quickly, much faster than the ISY.  The PLM should be fully functional long before ISY is ready to interface with PLM. 

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