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Liquid Metal - Could this be Man Bear Pig Steel?


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For a few years now I have been watching and monitoring the Cal Tech invention of Liquid Metal. Apple has made one single item out of this new metal and that is the SIM card ejection tool.


This new metal is two times the strength of Titanium. Has incredible resiliency in terms of load strength and deflection range.


Below are a few video's show casing this new and advanced material:




This third video is incredible to watch and had to shake my head in disbelief:



If anyone has seen the movie The Core or X-Men *Wolverine* the vaulted material is called Unobtainium, and Adamantium.


On the Interwebs there is a man who the government believes has created similar esoteric metals that resemble the two. The cornerstone of this mythical metal is that like in the movie the core. When this material is heated and under extreme pressure actually becomes stronger!


This material once finished has an extremely high melting point that reflects what was seen in the movie the core. This material is also stated as being impossible to break or destroy because of its unique none crystalline structure.


Given the above this new Liquid Metal seems to be the closest thing I have seen issued to the public besides the now removed You Tube video of the mythical man bear pig metal.


I am eager to see what comes out in the next 10 years! 


A clip from the move the core: 


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