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Some devices loosing communications

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I have the following:


  I have two access points, one on each circuit leg

  ToggleLinc in my kitchen

  AppLinc in my den

  A motion detector in my den

  SwitchLinc in my living room

  An Insteon LED light bulb in the guest bedroom

  A motion detector in my vanity

  An on/off outlet in my bedroom

  A keypadLinc in my bedroom

  An AppLinc in my office


Things were working just fine for a number of months.  Then, for no apparent reason, when I would start the UD Admin Console, I received a message that the AppLinc in the den could not be contacted.


I then installed two toggleLincs in my foyer.  They were working fine.

I replaced the AppLinc in the den with an on/off outlet.

Now when I bring up the Admin console, the SwitchLinc, the two togglelincs in the foyer, the on/off outlet in the den and the LED bulb in the bedroom loose connection.

The kitchen toggleLinc works, the two motion detectors work, the on/off outlet in the bedroom works and the keypadLinc works.  If I turn off and then on one of the non-connected devices using the keypadlinc, that device will turn on. If I then go into the admin console and do a "Write Updates to Device", the connection is restored. I can then do the same for all of the non-connected devices. But 15 to 20 minutes later, their connection will fail.


One might ask what new appliances / devices might have been installed in my house. The answer is none. I have purposely added new Insteon devices to try to get a stronger network and all that I have accomplished is to waste a lot of money. What is the magic that is required.  People post in this forum that they have a gazillion insteon devices and things work but I guess that I did not seem to get the memo.

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Unfortunately non Insteon appliances can start causing interference.  Insteon devices can also fail. Also the PLM at hardware v1.B and below have capacitor problems.  SmartLabs has corrected the PLM problem but it requires moving to a new PLM.  The fact that the Insteon network will function correctly and then fail sounds like a PLM issue.  Is the PLM at hardware v1.B or below?  The hardware level is on the paper sticker with the Insteon address.


There may not be many Dual Band devices (ToggleLincs are not Dual Band nor are older KPLs)  Make sure the Access Points are on opposite 120v legs.  Some times devices are moved to run a  vacuum cleaner and not returned to the correct outlet. 

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When you lose connection to a device that usually indicates a defective device, a failing PLM or poor communication. Given the number of devices that are causing a problem, it's probably not failed devices.


What are the model numbers of each of your Insteon devices? The model number can be seen by selecting the device. It's in parentheses just below the name you gave the device.


How did you verify that the Access Points are on opposite legs of the center-tapped, single-phase electric supply?

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The only other thing I want to ask is what else is on the circuit in which the PLM is plugged?  Make sure you don't have lots of electronic gadgets, computer stuff, UPS, surge suppressors, etc.  If you temporarily move the PLM to a new circuit (use an extension cord, if necessary) and that solves the problem, this may be a clue.

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