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Dimmable CF


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Since I have been monitoring my energy usage, I was very surprised to see how much $$$ I am using on my lighting.

I have many recesed lights that all use 100w R30 bulbs.


Example: 900w-kitchen, 400w-bath, 300w-foyer.


2 questions:


Is there a CF bulb that can be dimmed full range.

(the dimmable FC's I found can only be dimmed 30-100%)


Is there a way to set the ISY to start at 30%


also the CF R30's I have tried take a few min to "warm up"


"Please note: Dimmers which utilize more than 3 levels of control may cause it to react unfavorably. If the bulb is set at too low of a level, it may shutoff. Ideally, the dimming levels should be set at 50%, 75% and 100%; no lower than 40%."



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Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFLs) are typically dimmable down to 10%. I have had a good experience with LITE TRONICS MB-801DL Micro-Brite bulbs. I can vouch for the fact that they can be dimmed by Insteon dimmers to 10% without flicker or dying out. Unfortunately, the Micro-Brite bulbs are currently limited to 8 watts max. Other manufacturers do make dimmable cold cathode fluorescents of higher wattage. (I have seen bulbs up to 18 watts, but I have not yet tried them.) The higher wattage bulbs are relatively expensive--around $25.00. Just google "ccfl" or "cold cathode".

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I just purchased some CFL's from Menards that range down to 10%. I bought 4 spiral bulbs for $10 and 2 R30 for $10. They are instant on.




I dont have a menards around here, but im curious to know what brand and/or model number bulbs did you purchase?


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Are you finding any line noise interference using CCFLs - do you need to use filterlincs etc on the loads? I am assuming since the wattage is currently so low that any backfed noise would be modest. I have a strong tendency to avoid all the current 'eBulb' technologies just to prevent introducing Insteon problems.

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