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Lost Communication with all devices after Update

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Just Did the 4.2.30 update and I have lost communication to all my devices. PLM looks good as it has 48 links when I did the diagnostics. Tried to do a restore on all of the devices but that did not work either. Do I need to put them in programming mode and start the linking process over? That seems like a total pain if I just updated the software. Maybe I'm being lazy? I only have In-line linc dimmers, and Ballast dimmers located in the same panel. There is only 12 total dimmers (devices) on the entire system. What am I missing?  

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Do you know how many links where in the PLM before you did the update?

48 sounds low for 12 devices. I have a small setup with 12 devices. A few programs and scenes. Mine is 78 links.


How old is the PLM?

Loss of links and poor communications is one of the signs of a failing PLM.

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Its about 6-8 months old. Which I thought wasn't close enough to the year mark to make it fail out. But, I did notice that some of the links where not responding normally. Some would drop at random, and some would work without issue. Is there any solid way of viewing the raw data back and forth inside the Event viewer log when doing a query on all devices? I don't know what I looking for though....

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