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Is it ok to plug PLM into FilterLinc?


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Hi Chuck


I don't recommend that. It will block the messages to and from the plm and your device... on the powerline. If its working, its because the PLM is talking through other dualband devices


The filter is better used on things that you think might be causing noise.



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Yes John, I should have mentioned that I have the PLM plugged into the pass-through of the FilterLinc and wanted to be sure that was an accepted practice.


That is fine, so long as the area (environment) and load fall with in specifications. The 2413S PLM has a very long history of burning up due to bad capacitors. Given these parts are sub par any additional heat will speed up the *drying out* of the dielectric compound with in the capacitor.


It should also be noted *piggy backing* devices are never supported or advised from manufacturers. 

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