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Is there an easy way to swap button functions on a KPL


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Let's say you have a KPL with button A being assigned to Bob's Lamp and button B assigned to Chris's lamp. And you decide for whatever reason, that you want to reverse them so that button A is Chris's lamp and button B is Bob's lamp. Both buttons are in scenes and both buttons are in programs. 


The brute force method would be to rename button A to some non-used name, then rename button B to Bob's lamp and then rename button A to Chris's lamp. But this 1) takes a long time and still requires as a minimum, examination of the associated scenes and programs and perhaps some rework of each. Is there an easier way to do this?



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You would need to remove the 2 buttons from their respective scenes, and then put them back into the scene that you want them to control. You'll also need to rename the button to correctly represent what they control and finally you need to go to the programs that contain the buttons and update the program(s).


Also keep in mind that the "A" button is the only button that can directly control a load.(via the red wire)

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Unfortunately, there is no place holder for Insteon devices. That's an ideal use for a vitual device, BTW. So, to swap buttons, you need to delete the controller(s) and responder(s) from each scene and then re-add them to their respective scenes.

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Thanks. I am going through this now and wish I had never started. Things that used to work no longer do. It's also too bad you can't be selective when restoring, say only restore programs x and y or scene z. I've changed a lot of stuff over the past few days and would like to start this button swap process over again or just forget it , but if I restore a backup, I'll lose who knows what other changes I've made. Oh well!

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