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Program and Variable list sorting


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Is it possible to disable some "Ignore case" option when sorting programs and variables in Admin Console?



Pulldown program and variable lists in the program tab and Mobilinc are sorted by ASCII standard order with  the UPPERCASE letters sorted ahead of the lowercase.


This feature is very handy  to keep less used variables and programs at the end of the pulldown lists when writing programs. This eliminates a lot of scanning through a huge list of every items possible every time when writing programs or accessing  variable in MobiLinc for some emergency water shutoff or leak notification..


However, on the Admin Console summary page and variable pages this is not the case (no pun intended). Capitalised and lower case names are all intermixed, when sorted by name. This makes finding things much more difficult by having to sift through more mixed case names.


For people using the "s" and "i" prefixes to denote every state and integer variable the same this would have no effect. I use "c" to denote constants and "__" prefixes for group titles etc. This all sorts very nicely for program pulldown menu lists and MobiLinc but not on the Admin Console summaries.



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Hi larryllix,


Unfortunately not and no plans to exert more resources on the Admin Console (now that websockets are working).


I am sorry.


With kind regards,


Is this a move to discontinue usage of Java down the road?




    ...please? :)

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Agreed, and something additional for us to think about as a community:


A web version of the admin console will also need some kind of hosted web service to make it work..cloud is another word. Much like the ISY portal. The admin console has some complex processing in it and the processing has to run somewhere. If not locally on a java program on a PC, then remotely on a compute tier under a web server. Probably some database involved as well.


Hosted services cost money to run, which in turn implies subscription service to fairly distribute the costs.and run a business on. I'm ok with that, its the way things are going. However, as a community, we will have to keep in mind that  "pay one price" and a web version of the admin console are probably not  compatible.

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I'm not sure what processing is in the admin console, besides updating the status of things based on the subscription and painting the screen. If the processing was critical to operation then we would have to leave the admin console open. Given that is not supported I'm not sure where this idea comes from that the admin console does processing that would have to be handled somewhere else for the device to function.


As far as 'hosting the web based admin console' - the ISY already does a fine job of this. No cloud service needed. HTML 5 even includes local storage (in the browser) in case data persistence is needed.


A web based admin console will (eventually) eliminate the need to install Java to administer the ISY. The day cannot come soon enough for me - I loathe Java... I doubt very much that a web based admin console will require a cloud subscription, but it will enable us all to administer our ISYs from devices that cannot run Java, like most tablets.

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Hadn't thought about the editor being right on the ISY's web server, good point.  That might speed things up compared to jave since the information is already there and it doesn't need to be read out of the ISY the way it is with the admin console.


Things like editing programs, some of the advanced diagnostics, associating and adding insteon device,  and logging seemed to be things that might be harder for straight html to manage and that the console did outside of the isy.


Good points, thanks

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Things like editing programs, some of the advanced diagnostics, associating and adding insteon device,  and logging seemed to be things that might be harder for straight html to manage and that the console did outside of the isy.


Anything that can be done via the REST or SOAP interface is very easy to achieve in javascript from within the browser interface given that the browser automatically adds the 'Authorization' header to javascript requests.  For instance, the 'AddNode' SOAP request can add a new device http://wiki.universal-devices.com/index.php?title=ISY_Developers:API:Soap#AddNode


I suspect that an additional message type could be added to the subscription stream for 'level 3' diagnostic logging...  thouth a well planned way to edit programs will be challenging. However, the admin console itself uses (I believe) either the SOAP or REST interface exclusively for most (all?) things - and this should all be readily convertible to web delivery.  Hopefully!

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