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Smarthome Insteon ControLinc v 1.4 Manual (Factory Reset)


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Have a seemingly functional ControLinc Ver 1.4  [ NOT Ver 2  ! ] that I would like to

do a factory reset on.  It does not behave the way a factory reset on a Version 2 unit does.

This unit is circa 2006 or 2009. 


By functional, I mean it communicates with ISY 994i well, I can write links to it,

but for some reason I cannot get the buttons to work. I have been able to

add buttons to Scenes and the Control shows up in the ISY conditions tree, etc.


Can't get anything to happen with a button press though.


Anyone have a manual for VERSION 1.4 or know how to do a factory reset?



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I have a ControLinc with a white sticker v1.2 even though the it says ControLinc V2.2430.


Suggest doing a Restore Device to rebuild ControLinc basic link database so button press is registered with ISY


I'm running 4.3.26. 

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In the Link Management Tab. Did you use the Link a Controllinc choice?


Try for a factory reset.

Unplug Controlinc for at least 10 seconds.

While holding the Bright Button plug it back in and keep holding the Bright Button.

Controllinc should beep and the Status LED should flash then stay on.

Keep holding the Bright Button until it double-beeps and the LED flashes and then goes solid again.


The manual below is the newer of the two they posted. It maybe before 1.4 though it is not the older one for 1.0 if my old memory is correct.


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Lee and Brian -


Thanks so much ! !!  Upon some digging, I found the box lid and pamphlet from my original order of two controlincs way back when.

Both the pamphlet and box lid shows as VER 2 prominently, albeit the sticker on bottom of ControLincs shows ver 1.4 ... similar to Lee.


I have tried both the factory reset you mentioned and the Restore Device. The Restore Device and ISY 994i  4.3.26 work well meaning

that the restore performs and completes similar or same as any other device restore.  I can look at the links table in the controlinc

and things look nerly same as for ISY/PLM links. Evidence is that the Insteon communication and ISY functionality is working. 


I suspect its the firmware or something localized to the controlinc hardware.  


Interestingly, I have two of these at same level. One was in use and plugged in for many years. Then its use diminished

as we began to use more and more KPLs etc. Still left it plugged in all these years. The second unit I unplugged about 4 years

ago and kept safe for use as a spare. Both units are exhibiting the same behavior below, even though one has been unplugged

for four years. 


BEHAVIOR:  When either pushing ANY button *OR* trying to do a factory reset, the button push results in a rapid Flash and 

                     rapid Beep ... rapid meaning 4 or 5 per second. So when trying a factory reset (after left powered off full minute),

                     I hold down the BRIGHT button and plug it in ..... right away the ControLinc starts the rapid flash and beep.

                     Similarly, an ordinary button push .... ANY button .... results in an immediate rapid flash and beep.  

Both units same behavior. 


I'm going to try these again later this week. I'm not giving up unless both units are 'bad' for some reason. 


>>>>> Is it possible that the "Commuinication Level" of the Insteon has something to do with this. Meaning the ControLincs

            are fairly legacy Insteon devices compared to today's.   Protocol related?   Is there anything such that when the

            ControLinc is plugged in, senses Insteon traffic and somehow thinks itself 'sick'.   Probably not. Grasping at straws here.


I am using these for reset functions that only get used 3 or 4 times per year at most. Not economical to assign a KPL

button for this. I guess last resort will just be to manually invoke the resets via a program in MobiLinc or the ISY console. 


Thanks again guys !             Steve 

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When the Insteon modules where just being introduced and their X10 compatible modules where still being sold. With the same basic model name.

They added a V2 to the model name to differentiate it from the older X10 model names. Even though they have a different part number.

When they no longer sold the X10 versions. The V2 slowly was removed from the model name.


I still have have some X10 compatible ApplianceLincs and some Insteon compatible ApplianceLinc V2's. That are hardware 1.3.

Occasionally we will see a user trying to link to an older X10 model with the same basic name. It can be quite confusing at times.

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Yes, This unit is clearly an Insteon version with X10 linking capability.


Does the rapid beep/flash mean its stuck in some kind of X10 mode. The user guide posted is not

clearly saying that. At any rate, the factory reset should clear that. 

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A Factory reset should remove all Insteon Links and X10 addresses in it.

If you get a rapid flash of the LED and beeps. It can indicate one or more of the Insteon Modules linked to the button, is not responding. The rapid flash and beep is a communications failure indicator.


If it acts strange after a Factory Reset and no modules added. I would suspect a hardware failure.

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Be sure to do a Restore Device after the Factory Reset.   Removing the links (Factory Reset) prevents the ControLinc from reaching the PLM until the basic links are reestablished.


The alternative is to Delete the ControLinc from the ISY, then Factory Reset before adding ControLinc back to the ISY.


As indicated earlier my v1.2 ControLinc V2 works on 4.3.26, the latest Official release for the ISY.

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