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Detecting elk F1 key to cntl lights through isy


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You can use a program:

New Program - [ID 0259][Parent 00B9]

        Elk Keypad 'Hall' 'F1' is Pressed
        Set Scene 'Main / SC - Inner Hall Ceiling' On
   - No Actions - (To add one, press 'Action')


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I use this function and it works without issue. However, keep in mind that by default the M1 requires you to press a function key twice to activate it since the keys were designed to summon fire, police, etc, and you wouldn't want to do that by an accidental press of a key. You can change this to be a single press in the M1.

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 I have it set to Non-alarm and single press.


Sorry. I didn't see you had replied. 


I have one programmed like that with non-Alarm and single press. Works fine.


Do you have the ElkRP connected? Nothing else can communicate with the M1 while the ElkRP is connected to it.


Do you see the F-key press in the ISY logs?

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