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PM Messages - Is this how it works?


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So as of late I have been receiving lots of PM's from related folks about different questions and projects I have been doing. Some of the messages are just fun BSing around with good forum members I just really enjoy talking too.


Back on point: Does the current system literally allow only 100 messages? If so does replying to an (existing) message go against the 100 message limit?


I am currently at a em-pass and would really like to keep some older messages for later recall. I try very hard to not copy things and place them off line due the fact I manage enough data in my life and rather not copy and paste forum messages.


In the big picture could the forum be expanded to allow more messages I suppose is the ask?


Insight . . . 

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I believe this is pretty standard practice for most forum operators and 100 is actually one of the higher limits I have seen.


I tend to copy things of value from forum posts and PM's as well as other sources and file them into Evernote with useful tags for easy recall at a later date from any platform.



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It sure would be nice to get some notification that messaging is blocked = inbox full, for users, though. Both of you have told me my messaging was full lately, but I had no awareness of this. 


I thought older messages self-disappeared   previously. Since, I have cleaned out lots of older stuff.

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Yes, I felt bad because you sent me a message and didn't even know it was still pending!


LMAO . . .


Didn't you get the memo I just didn't want to talk to you anymore!


Ha . . .

Well I couldn't think of anything smart to say back so you got off lucky this time! :)

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Hi larryllix,


I couldn't find any such settings. Do you know where else I should be looking at?


With kind regards,



I just thought a reminder at the top of the forum page or a system sticky post to remind people to clear their PM cache occasionally.


In clearing mine I just discovered there are pages and pages of PMs from the beginning of time that are obscure, that I wasn't aware. When you delete on page 1 they just keep coming. :)

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