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Triggering programs on remote button push


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Is it possible to trigger a program when a button on a mini-remote (8 button version) is pressed, regardless if the press is for an on or an off state? 


Right now I have a pair of programs (one for on and another for off) that is triggered when I press the designated button on my Mini Remote, and if the action of the button was for an on or off event.  Since these two programs are identical (with only one element changing), I'd like to combine the programs into one and use the Status value of the button for the actual on/off function.  If it helps here is one of the programs:


        Control 'Keypad-Peter - A' is switched Off
    And From    Sunset
        To      Sunrise (next day)
        Set 'Music Room Overhead Light' On
        Set 'Peter's Office - Room Lights' Off
        Wait  1 minute
        Set 'Music Room Overhead Light' Off
        Set 'Peter's Office - Room Lights' Off


This is identical to the On version, with the only difference being to turn on the 'Peter's Office - Room Light' to On.

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