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Unlinking 2 Insteon Switches Not Working


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I have two switchlinc devices.  One is a dimmer (2477D) and the other an on/off (2477S).  When I push the toggle on one the other switch does the same action.  


I followed the steps to unlink these two devices but holding down the set button until beeps, then holding it down again until it turns red.  Then walk over to the other one and hit the set button until it beeps which it does.


I've also factory reset the devices by pulling the set buttons out for 10 seconds...


I've removed both from the ISY and linked them in as separate units.


What am I missing?


NOTE:  If i use the ISY admin interface to turn one on the other doesn't turn on - it's only when I use the paddle on either switch.



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I believe if you right click on the device and select "restore device" it will remove links applied locally.. that said.. I don't think you've properly factory reset device


from 2477s manual...


Factory Reset


Factory Reset clears all user settings from SwitchLinc including INSTEON scenes, X10 addresses, etc.

  1. Pull out Set button to create an air gap See Air Gap (Removing Power).
  2. Wait 10 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the Set button. SwitchLinc will begin to emit a long beep.
  4. Don’t release Set button until beeping stops.
  5. Release Set button After a few seconds, SwitchLinc will double-beep. The Load/light(s) will turn on. LED will return to default brightness



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